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Journey in Love

“Through the power of intention and thanksgiving, we welcome alignment, restore harmony,

and create, through vision, the beauty we wish to experience.”

~ Jessica Lang

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Dream Weaver Full Moon
Cacao Ceremonies


Held monthly, via Zoom, 12:00-1:30 pm ET*

90 minutes, Free


Many Native American Tribes, including the Pueblo, honor the Goddess, "Spider Woman", as the Creatrix from which all Life is birthed, through the power of thought. Just as the spider's goassamer web is laden with the energy of love with which she weaves, you, too, are a sacred Dream Weaver.


Uniting in sacred ceremony with the ancestors, you are invited to lend your Spirit in the co-creative envisioning of vital wholeness glorifying the sacred majesty of Pachamama to birth New Earth. The Dream Weaver Full Moon Cacao Ceremony is a sacred circle in which you may kindle self-love through awareness, gratitude, soulful movement, and joyful celebration of Divine beauty.

Uniting the expansive gifts of heart-opening ceremonial cacao, meditation, and shamanic ritual fire wisdom practices, we create space for the transformative healing of Self and Pachamama, our beloved Earth Mother.

Together, through the power of intention and thanksgiving, we will anchor the exquisite energies of the enchanting Luna Vieja, “Old Moon”, to welcome alignment, restore harmony, and create, through vision, the beauty we wish to experience.


To prepare for our journey together, order your block of Keith’s Cacao with discount code “JESSICALANG”, and register for the ceremony using the links below. Upon registration you will receive guidelines for pre- and post-ceremony care, a materials supply list, and a special recipe to craft your perfect mug of ceremonial cacao. Donations are welcome via the link below.

Soul Journey Immersions

Scheduled upon request, Providence, Rhode Island

2 hours, $300


The Soul Journey Immersion is a shamanic experience initiating an expanded state of heart consciousness,  empowering you to gather intuitive wisdom and Divine guidance as a conscious creator. Facets of the Soul Journey Immersion include: heart-opening ceremonial cacao, shamanic journeying, ritual fire, sound healing, guided breathwork, embodiment, a shamanic healing rite, and integration. 


The sacred container woven for this immersive experience may accommodate a single soul journeyer, or an intimate group of up to five individuals. Prior to booking, please schedule a free Discovery Call to review the process of participant registration and ceremony preparation, as well as address personal questions.


Please email for special time requests.

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The Heart of The Healer
Global Healing Meditations


Weekly, Wednesdays, 8:45-9:30 pm ET, via Zoom

45 mins, Free


As a sanctioned teacher at

The Heart of The Healer Shamanic Mystery School, I am deeply honored to share the ancestral wisdom and ceremonial arts of a living lineage to further empower the expansion of soul-nourishing Love in service to the greatest good of All. If  you would like to experience the power of this sacred community, join us for an evening of prayer as we unite to anchor healing Light for our Earth Mother, Pachamama, and for those we love. All are welcome. If you are not currently a Mesa carrier and would like to learn more, please visit The Heart of The Healer, or schedule a free Discovery Call. 

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