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Open to Love

"I invite you to search within your heart

to see if Spirit is calling you into a deeper connection with LOVE."

- Jessica Lang


Mama Cacao

I first met Mama Cacao during a period of shamanic initiations and shadow alchemy, working with the archetypal forces of great serpent, Amaru, and jaguar, Otorongo. Daily communion with Mama Cacao connected me deeply with the fertile earth, or allpa, welcoming me into a cocoon of safety, nourishment, beauty, and infinite possibilities. The daily ritual of cacao, gratitude, prayer, meditation and reflection facilitated the process of illumination, alchemy and integration, and ultimately strengthened my resolve to surrender to Love.


In Quechuan there is a special word, Yanantin, which means Divine Mirror. I believe the Spirit of Cacao is here for each of us as a Yanantin; she calls to us to come closer to the earth, to return to the Garden of our Being; a sacred witness, she holds the space for us to see ourselves with perspective, clarity, and Truth. As my Yanantin, Mama Cacao ultimately empowered me to accept my true self as a vessel and channel of Divine Light.


To gently, and powerfully, catalyze your journey to remembered wholeness, you may consider working with a sacred plant medicine. As my relationship with the Spirit of Cacao has generously blessed me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, it is my passion to share her heart-opening gifts with all who are open to receive.


Inviting the Spirit of Cacao into your life creates an opportunity to frame your day with intention and gratitude, and to Align with the Vibration of Love. 

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Is the Spirit of Cacao calling you?


Please complete this inquiry form if you are interested in receiving more information, including:

  • the benefits of Keith's 100% Ceremonial-Grade Criollo Cacao

  • the story of the Chocolate Shaman, Keith Wilson (July 30, 1948 - January 14, 2024)

  • the team in San Marcos, La Laguna, Guatemala

Upon receipt of this completed inquiry form, I will email you a comprehensive resource document that also addresses Frequently Asked Questions. 

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