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Presence with Love

"Self-love is the grace of apricity, the kiss of dawning Light upon the world-weary soul,
awakening as the crocus in the spring."
- Jessica Lang

Photo by Stephanie Piscitelli,

The Holy Womb

The space we hold for our Self is a Holy womb - within quiet stillness, this all-encompassing embrace of gentle love is a place of being and emergence like the cosmic ocean which births the stars of our origins.


A space that is held with integrity is a space of potentiality, a space that honors the dynamic, ever-evolving flow of life. To choose to create space for your Self is to recognize the worthiness of your being; it is a vital act of Self-love to uphold the inherent beauty and value of your Soul.


To choose to conserve and preserve sacred space is an essential act of self-reclamation: an expansion of heart-consciousness that reunites you with an embodied remembering of wholeness through the recognition of Self in the Divine mirror of ALL nature. 


Through my surrender to the harmonizing LOVE of the Divine within, grounded in communion with the sacred Spirits of the Earth, elemental forces, archetypal energies, Archangels and Ascended Masters, I received messages and visions in moments of hierophany.


Guided by the Holy Spirit, I now share these transmissions of Light, seeds of Divine love and wisdom; these creations are intended to harmonize your sacred spaces and empower your soul journey. 

Each work is an open invitation to presence with an open heart and an intention to align with the vibration of Love embedded within the archetypal images, sacred geometry, elemental forces, gradations of light, and Divine messages.  

Each original piece is created ceremoniously, receiving vivifying energy from ritual fire, as well as solar and lunar rays, as they “season” within the space of my home altar ground. Each archival art print and hand-assembled mixed-media creation also receives an energetic blessing before shipping from Providence.

To view my collection, and to welcome the vibration of love to harmonize your sacred spaces, please visit cacao moon Align on Etsy. 

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