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Harmonize with Love

“Each time you align with Love, you align with Truth. As you embrace Truth, as you embody your Divine essence,

the more you allow the river of Creation to flow forward carrying your signature,

a sweet and melodious contribution to the symphony of Creation.”

~ Jessica Lang

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Cacao Communion
(Individual Session)

Providence, Rhode Island, or Zoom

75 minutes, $111

Scheduled upon request, Monday through Friday


The space for sacred ceremony, the observance of faithful ritual framed with earnest intention, and the humble surrender to the Spirit of Cacao, creates a harmonic reception to the flow of the Divine Feminine. 


I would be honored to serve you as you discover, protect, and hold this sacred space for your Self.


A Cacao Communion is a powerful catalyst in the journey of healing and empowerment, combining the expansive gifts of heart-opening ceremonial cacao, breathwork, meditation, and intuitive guidance.


Upon registration you will receive a letter with guidance including intention-setting, pre- and post- communion care, and personal integration tips. Cacao Communions booked on-site in Providence, Rhode Island, include a mug of ceremonial cacao. 

If you are booking a remote Cacao Communion via Zoom, please visit my affiliate link below and apply the discount code “JESSICALANG” to purchase your block of Keith’s Cacao

(Individual Session)

Providence, Rhode Island, or Zoom

75 minutes, $222

Scheduled upon request, Monday through Friday


The Breath of Life – Ti, Chi, Qi, Prana, or life force energy  – fuels the center column of the human biofield, home to seven primary energetic vortices, called chakras or “wheels of light”; comprised of an endocrine gland and a nerve plexus bundle that communicate through chemical and electrical impulses, each chakra directly informs the functioning of the endocrine and nervous systems. Achieving balance and harmony within each chakra supports a unified biofield, which is a cornerstone for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 


Shamanic healing is an alignment with one’s innate wholeness, and true essence – LOVE. Held in sacred space, this alignment is a co-creative process of cleansing and restoring the balance in the biofield through the conscious release of energetic densities. Creating harmony within allows for a free-flowing river of luminous energy to sing through your body, mind, and spirit – a bestowal of nourishment, vitality and peace.


I am here to guide, empower, and support you on your wild and wonderful journey. Individual sessions may be booked at my healing sanctuary in Providence, Rhode Island, or via Zoom, and include personal consultation, breathwork, energy medicine, intuitive guidance, and integration practices. 


To book your Shamanic Energy Healing Session, please visit my booking site.

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