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Our Lineage

A lineage is sacred, eternal and infinite; 
we awaken to our lineage as the waters of the River of Life, crystal clear, 
rush into the seed of our soul in a baptism of Light and Love. 
We hold, within, this Light of GOD; 
to recognize our union with this Light beyond the physical realm of our bodily manifestation - here, in the Garden; 
to recognize our unity with the vast space of the Divine through the sacred portal of our hearts; 
this unity, this homecoming, this awakening is a gift most precious,
and it is a gift we each have, already, within -
a gift we may unwrap, and dis-cover as we re-member, 
as we come to recognize and embody and anchor the Light of which we ARE.
Jessica Lang
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Welcome cherished soul,

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I AM a guardian of the sacred lineage of the Rose. My communion with God, and shamanic alignment through reverent relationship with - and ceremonial honoring of - Gaia Pachamama, activated a bridge to sacred union within the temple of my heart. Deeply grateful to receive this mystical illumination - a convergence of love and wisdom beyond time and space through a resonance with Archangels, Ascended Masters and beloved ancestors - I embrace this moment in the River of Life to be in service to a Divinely-seeded holy mission. My dharma is to share the transmissions of Light I receive, and I pray, through resonance, this Light will kindle an awakening to the Divine Love you hold within. My intention is to support and promote love and harmonious well-being for the greater good of all  in this Sacred Now. May we unite, empowered beings aligned with the vibration of love, to joyfully birth beauty on this sacred Earth walk. 
Wishing you peace, and a heart full of Grace,
Your Soul Journey Partner,

Jessica Lang

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Photo by Stephanie Piscitelli,


"Whether you are seeking comfort, healing, enlightenment, or self exploration, this ceremony will leave you with a sense of renewal, of being present and aware and connected with your inner self. Being in this sacred space allows you to experience new insights and perspectives. Jessica’s beautiful, radiant and gentle presence makes one feel safe, welcomed and honored."

Barbara C.


Choose with Love

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